“I’m working on a recipe for a solid hand cream”


São Paulo/Wädenswil: Ariane Ladeira is spending six months at the School of Life Sciences and Facility Management and is working on sustainable care for stressed hands for her Master’s thesis in Pharmacy and Cosmetology.

This is the first time that I have been abroad on my own. I’m here as a free-mover student – that means no official agreement has been signed between ZHAW and my university in São Paulo. I owe my stay here to the good relationship that exists between my Brazilian and my Swiss lecturers. They are both on the Board of the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists and are committed to supporting young talent. Switzerland was my dream destination for a stay abroad, given that it is a key location for the pharmaceutical industry. And I wouldn’t be averse to getting a job here after my studies if everything works out.

Sustainable hand care

For my Master’s thesis I am working on a recipe for a solid hand cream that incorporates purely natural ingredients. Water-free products are currently a big trend in cosmetics, especially since they don’t require any packaging. I came up with the idea of a hand care product because I saw so many hands that had suffered from frequent disinfection during the pandemic. The laboratories in the School of Life Sciences and Facility Management are delightful to work in. I have been well received by the team and am being given very good support by my lecturer for cosmetics and toxicology in both professional and personal terms.

Personal growth

Finding contacts is not all that easy as a free-mover student. When I arrived at the end of May, the semester was already coming to a close and everyone was busy preparing for their exams. The regular exchange students departed after a short time, with the new ones only arriving after the summer. But the people here are basically very kind to me. And I can feel myself growing personally as I deal with everything alone. Switzerland has a great deal to offer. The landscape is simply delightful. And I am impressed by just how environmentally aware the population is. I also really appreciate the public transport. And I feel particularly safe here. In São Paulo it would be unthinkable for me to go out on the street alone at night. I discover something new every day and am very grateful for everything that I can experience here.  


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